Ljubljana jazz festival


Sat / 1 Jul /  23.00



Trumpets, electronics


Recently, the music of this intrepid and tireless sound explorer has reflected influences of Native American cultures, the indigenous traditions kept alive in the Texan deserts – the artist’s new home after the urban jungle of Chicago. Mazurek performs his signature blend of electronics, cornet shrieks and distinctive yet still unnamed melodies from the treasury of jazz with the wizardry of a shaman. Venturing beyond the traditional tenets of jazz, his sound is guiding the listener beyond the material realms to a place where even solitude is filled with perfect happiness.


CD Club, EUR 16, 12* (Triple Concerto)

Day pass EUR 24, 18

Festival pass EUR 90, 70*; holders of the Cankarjevi torki membership card EUR 58
Festival pass bonus: free Clean Feed CD