Fri / 30 Jun / 19.30





Peter Ugrin, violin; Marko Čepak, guitar; Aleš Ogrin, piano;  Ilj Pušnik, double bass; Aljoša Jerič, drums


The story of Artbeaters began in 2011, when Peter Ugrin returned from his studies in New York. Their latest release Life Compass On! is based on the uniqueness and diversity of compositions which are meaningfully merged through mutual relationship. As their new music is inspired by the style of a large musical piece, i.e. suite, the actual content of the compositions has the same privilege as improvisation.



CD Park, admission free
CD Park (The Council of Europe Park, formerly known as The Kidrič Park)

Festival pass EUR 90, 70*; holders of the Cankarjevi torki membership card EUR 58

Festival pass bonus: free Clean Feed CD