Fri / 29 Jun /  20.00




Pre-concert presentation of the European Jazz Network Award (EJC) to the Jazz Festival Ljubljana


Rohey Taalah, vocals; Ivan Blomqvist, keyboards; Kristian B. Jacobsen, bass; Henrik Lødøen, drums

Norway offers an effervescent scene also when it comes to soul-jazz. Named after its lead singer, Rohey Taalah, Rohey’s debut album on the Jazzland Recordings has captivated both mainstream jazz enthusiasts and lovers of sonorous female singers and bristling interpretations of soul music. While Rohey’s delivery withstands comparison with that of Erykah Badu in her early days, the band’s music, flavoured with distinctive Nordic quality, is nevertheless specific enough to ground their soul-jazz firmly in the dramatic expanses of Norway.


CD Park, admission free

CD Park (The Council of Europe Park, formerly known as The Kidrič Park)