Rok Zalokar - Port Songs

Sat / 30 Jun / 17.00

Rok Zalokar - Port Songs

Slovenia/Italy/The Netherlands


Rok Zalokar, piano; Alessandro Fongaro, bass; Ruud Voesten, drums

Working between Rotterdam and Ljubljana, Rok Zalokar’s new trio explores the concept of a port as the melting pot of different cultures. The group’s music echoes influences of poetry, Indian rhythmic forms, choral singing… With another of his projects, Rok Zalokar Trio, Zalokar has performed at the Radio Študent Club Marathon and published two albums. He is also involved in various bands with singular approaches to exploring the dimensions of modern jazz, coupling it with other genres in their own ways, from pop and avantgarde (Kukushai trio) to idiosyncratic arrangements of Slovenian folk songs (Dvojina duo). His latest project came onto the Dutch jazz scene three years ago. Winner of the coveted Erasmus Jazz Prize, the trio’s notable appearances include the prestigious North Sea Jazz Festival.



CD Park, admission free

CD Park (The Council of Europe Park, formerly known as The Kidrič Park)