Thu / 29 Jun / 20.00



Slovenia/Norway/ Portugal


Boštjan Simon, saxophone; Stephan Meidell, guitar, electronics; Luis Candeias, drums


“Lean back and give it time to grow”, say Velkro to the listener in the liner notes of their new CD, Too Lazy to Panic, a follow-up to their debut album, Don't Wait for the Revolution. There are beautiful melodies and there are harsh noises, there are contagious grooves and there are abstract dreamy sequences – everything searching for a balance and only finding it precariously. The music is always at the imminence to fall, but keeps flowing and flowing, hypnotically imprisoning us inside.


CD Park, admission free
CD Park (The Council of Europe Park, formerly known as The Kidrič Park)

Festival pass EUR 90, 70*; holders of the Cankarjevi torki membership card EUR 58

Festival pass bonus: free Clean Feed CD