Introduction word

Introduction word

Dear members of the audience

We are proud to announce the forthcoming 59th Jazz Festival Ljubljana. At the heart of this year’s programme is the rich assortment of Slovenian music scene as well as an exhilarating selection of international artists. Festival mirrors the specifics of our time, while also reflecting the diversity of Slovenian music and its various nuances; artists belonging to different generations and employing diverse modes of expression. Undoubtedly, we have never before witnessed such heterogeneity in Slovenian music, such abundance of artists and musicians working in the broad area of jazz. Daring approaches and persuasive deliveries have convinced us that the festival’s programme must follow suit and dare to be equally daring. The Jazz Festival Ljubljana has a mission to offer a platform for new creativity. No effort will be spared to make this year’s edition as well as the forthcoming jubilee festival the greatest celebration of music both for Slovenian and international music communities, and countless visitors.

The first step in this direction is the newly instated programme of ten free concerts in the CD Park, aimed at promoting national bands and Slovenian musicians who lead or form part of international ensembles. Besides, the Park will provide a venue for the new Ancient Tree Stage, featuring music interventions by young, up-and-coming artists who take a creative approach to their music-making. Devised for individual music lovers as well as families, events in the CD Park will take place throughout the whole day. In keeping with the festival’s tradition, a special programme will cater for our youngest audiences.

The festival’s new concept can serve its purpose only if enjoying the support of our loyal public. In programming the festival, we have kept in mind both the satisfaction of the audiences and the status of a European festival with the most adventurous programme*. We believe that adventurousness does not lie only in illustrious names, but also in fostering national creativity – inspired music that can take wing only through your support.

Join us on this journey into the limitless expanses of creativity and music delights.

Bogdan Benigar and Edin Zubčević

Artistic Directors of the 59th Jazz Festival Ljubljana


*Jazz Festival Ljubljana won the 2018 Europe Jazz Network Award for Adventurous Programming